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Claudia Lowe, B.S.L., J.D.

IEP and 504 expert advocate k-12 California

IEP & 504 Specialist

3941 Park Drive#20, PMB 114
El Dorado Hills 95762

Tel: 916-939-3492
Fax: 916-939-3905



Advocating for your child's educational rights and future.

As a parent of a K-12 child you want to...

  • be involved in the decisions regarding your child's development and education
  • know what you child is experiencing and thinking
  • have accurate information that will help you stay informed and involved with your child's education and --academic progress
  • share this experience with your child
  • do what's right for your child

I can help you...

  • understand the IEP and 504 educational process that your child is experiencing
  • support your child's educational journey from grade to grade, and from school to independent living, career, and education
  • strengthen the bond between you and your child by supporting your active and focused involvement as a member of the school team

To plan your child's educational future please contact me for a complimentary consultation or appointment.

Office hours: 9:00am-6:00pm by appointment only.
Presently accepting new clients.
To schedule an in-person or phone appointment call 916-939-3492 or e-mail

    Services may include, but are not limited to,
  • Intake interview by phone or in person.
  • File review of your child's school records including IEP or 504 plans, transition plans, and behavior plans.
  • Assist you in preparing for your upcoming IEP, 504, transition, behavior plan meeting or SST meeting.
  • Provide you with resources, referrals, and information to support you and your child.
  • On-going technical assistance by phone or e-mail.
  • Provide you with a written discussion of the IEP, 504, behavior, or transition plan.
  • Attend the IEP, 504, transition, behavior plan meeting or SST meeting with you.
  • Clinics to provide training to support your participation as a parent advocate.
  • Attending mediation or due process hearings with you as parent support.

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