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Lakeview NeuroRehabilitation Center
New Hampshire

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244 Highwatch Rd.
Effingham, NH 03882

Tel: 603-539-7451

Fax: 603-539-8815


Lakeview NeuroRehabilitation Center in New Hampshire
A Full Continuum of Post-Acute Care from Facility to Community


Lakeview NeuroRehabilitation Center provides a continuum of post acute care for individuals with neurobehavioral challenges. Lakeview's person centered approach provides support for individuals recovering from acquired brain injury or facing the challenges of neurobehavioral diagnoses. Family members are supported through education and training. Funders are asisted through cost effective care the the achievement of functional outcomes.


Lakeview provides neurobehavioral and neurorehabilitation programs which focus on functionally based therapies and address cognitive and life skills development. The program establishes positive behavioral support to address unsafe behavior which interferes with successful rehabilitation outcomes. Adults are assisted to maximize their independence at home and to facilitate their successful return to work or productive activity.


Lakeview profices residential opportunities in community settings for individuals who are in community settings for individuals who are treansitioning back to their own community or for those who will require a long term, community based, supported environment. These settings are designed for adolescents and adults.


Lakeview Community Services located in Tarnworth New Hampshire provides local access to individuals needing Neuropsychological Evlauation, Independent Medical Evaluations, and Functional Capacity Evaluations.


Lakeview provides to children and adolescents, ages 8 - 21, with neurologic and behavioral diagnoses, an opportunity to participate in residential rehabilitation program including a comprehensive extended school year program. The program incorporates the individualized Education Plan and is delivered by licensed therpists, medical professionals and eduation specialists.

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