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Lakeside Learning

Reading specialist Los Angeles

Teaching Students to Read

3171 Los Feliz Blvd.
Suite 303
Los Angeles, CA 90039

Tel: (877) 763-7323



Reading Intervention Program
Los Angeles, CA

Lakeside Learning is greatly improving the way students learn to read.

Lakeside's ReadyRead is an intensive reading intervention program for students who struggle with reading acquisition, for students who are not fluent readers, for students who do not retain or comprehend what they read, and for students who are learning to read for the first time. The ReadyRead methods allow students to overcome phonological auditory processing problems commonly associated with students who have reading difficulties. The program uses research-based methods to help students get on the path to reading success. Lakeside's Comprehensive Reading Assessments

Lakeside Learning provides the most comprehensive diagnostic assessments. Our assessments help tell "the story" behind each of our students, resulting in a program that is appropriately targeted. The assessment approach focuses on an in-depth evaluation of the skills (especially phonologic) known to be related to reading success. The results of the comprehensive assessment establish a student's need for the program and pinpoint specific areas of strengths and weaknesses.

Lakeside Provides Multisensory Learning and Systematic Phonics Instruction to help your child succeed in reading.

How does Lakeside use multisensory learning?

At Lakeside, teaching is done using all learning pathways in the brain (visual/auditory, kinesthetic-tactile) simultaneously in order to enhance memory and learning. Multisensory instruction includes the direct teaching of all concepts with continuous student-teacher interaction.

How does Lakeside use systematic phonics instruction?

At the core of the ReadyRead program is explicit, systematic phonics instruction. Students are lead through a series of phonics and phonemic awareness activities that are faced paced and multisensory in approach, keeping them constantly engaged in the learning process.

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