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The Step-by-Step 3-D Guide for Creating a Legaly and Educationally Sound Parent Concern Letter for Your IEP

  The IEP Game bridges the gaps between professional special educators, the legal system, and the family. The IEP Game is a streamline card game system using an accessible vocabulary that allows users to easily understand a child’s deficits, the unique needs created by deficits, and the child’s rights to a free and appropriate public education.The 5 card categories of Deficits, Evidence, Experts, Needs, and Rights guide parents through the process of documenting a child’s problems, with supporting evidence, and identifying and justifying appropriate interventions. The IEP Game also helps parents transform their documentation into a parent-concern letter to be submitted at an IEP meeting and begin the paper trail to ensure school accountability in the IEP process.

The IEP Game system is based on the assumption that legal rights are not self-executing and documentation is organized specifically around establishing a physical or mental disability that entitles that person to particular accommodations or services under the law.

This system is being used by parents, advocates and leading Learning Disabilities Associations to train parents and advocates how to analyze a special education file and "make sense" of the facts contained in the file.

The IEP Game Makes Law A Process Not A Weapon!


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