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H.E.L.P. Miami
special education school for LD Miamai FL
Where Learning disibilities are handled with education!
13828 SW 56th Street
Miami, FL 33175

Tel: (305) 752-4003
Fax: (305) 752-2611



Happy Students and Competent Learners
Miami, Florida

For students between Kindergarten and the 12th grades, H.E.L.P. Miami offers an alternative to the traditional school setting. While this service exists mainly for the child who is doing poorly in school, many families opt for this service as their child gets more attention than in a typical classroom and they are able to progress at their own speed. Students in this program are interviewed and tested 4 times a year, while on a personal study program which includes study skills and subjects such as Reading, Language and Math. Registration testing and Tuition fees are charged. John McKay Scholarships for Students with Disabilities are accepted. Space is limited!

We are not interested in instructing a student so he can pass a test. Our aim is to ensure the student attains the ability to USE and APPLY the information learned.

Each student is evaluated and given a personal program to effectively handle any weaknesses in their current education. Students move at their own pace and are not passed on to new skills until they can demonstrate full understanding of their current assignment. We do not label or believe that medication is a solution to poor academic performance. We monitor progress by administering academic tests and issuing report cards throughout the year.


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