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Green Chimneys

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Restoring Possibilities and Creating Futures

400 Doansburg Road
(Caller Box 719)
Brewster, NY 10509

Tel: (914) 279-2995
(718) 892-6810



Web site:

Green Chimney is a voluntary, non-sectarian, multiservice agency dedicated to developing a harmonious relationship between people, animals, nature, and the environment through an array of mental health, educational, recreational, and vocational services. The agency's main offices are situated on a 150-acre farm 60 miles north of New York City. On this site the agency operates residential treatment programs.

Green Chimneys Special Education Programs:

Residential Treatment Center:  The 88-bed RTC program serves boys and girls ages 6-12 on admission who are experiencing significant emotional, behavioral, social and academic difficulties to the extent that they are not able to be productively maintained in their homes and communities. Our treatment program is committed to utilization of the natural environment, including a therapeutic farm and a wildlife rehabilitation program.

Therapeutic Day School:  Our 12-month, accredited day school balances academic classes taught by certified special education teachers with recreational programming. Individual, group, and specialty therapies are provided, as well as speech/language and animal-assisted therapy. This program serves boys and girls ages 6-14 who experience emotional and behavioral disorders, learning disabilities, academic underachievement, social maladaptiveness, deficits in Activities of Daily Living, and controlled medical conditions.

Group Homes:  The group homes serve adolescent boys, ages 13-17, with histories of learning and behavior problems, psychiatric disorders, prior residential and/or foster care, and family problems. Our objective is to develop skills necessary for independent living.

Please visit our web site to learn more about Green Chimneys' programs and to review our referral, contact, and location information.

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