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Special Education & Learning Disabilities Resources: A Nationwide Directory
Special Education & Learning Disabilities Resources: A Nationwide Directory

Educational Support and Advocacy Services

Judy Braun Zegas, M.Ed.

Knowledgable, understanding support for families and children with special needs

PO Box 1372
Vienna, VA 22183

Tel: (703) 319-3478
Fax: (703) 319-3478


You Are Not Alone

There are resources and services to assist you, and more importantly, your child. What I have to offer is personal assistance -- I will be there at the meetings, walk you through the special education maze, and answer your questions and concerns.

My professional experience and Masters degree in special education, combined with my practical knowledge as a parent of a child with ADD and learning disabilities, provides me with an insightful perspective on the unique needs of these children. I am aware of the stress, guilt or perhaps anger, that many parents feel when facing important educational decisions.

Services I will provide include:

Help to understand your child's special needs and put you in touch with the offices and agencies that can serve YOUR children and YOUR family.


Educating and training parents to become more effective and knowledgeable advocates.


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