Transitions Videos
Self-Advocacy and Self-Determination Videos
for Students with Learning Disabilities, ADD/ADHD

The Eaton Coull Learning Group, Ltd.
Founded in 1997 to develop educational products for individuals of all learning styles, with a particular emphasis on products for people with learning disabilities and/or ADD

Howard Eaton, M.Ed.
Teacher, Educational Consultant, Learning Disabilities Specialist. Author of two self-advocacy handbooks about transitional issues for students with Learning Disabilities as well as numerous articles in the field of Special Education.
Leslie Coull, B.Ed.
Secondary school teacher with 19 years experience working in Special Education, English Education, and English as a second language. Author of 8 textbooks for the ESL market.

Video Advisory Group
Dr. Loring Brinckerhoff, Tufts Univ.
Louise Russell, Harvard Univ.
Janet Mee, Univ. of British Columbia

Host:   Jim Byrnes
  star of Highlander and Wiseguy series
Animation by Brainstorm Productions
Producer: Tabata Productions, award-winning Vancouver film & video house

"Several videos are displayed on the bookshelf in my office, each one was purchased for the specific information that it contains, and each has its unique positive features. TRANSITIONS TO POSTSECONDARY LEARNING clearly is a flawless diamond among the other jewels. Although intended for a student audience, it is equally valuable for instructors, administrators, parents, and other individuals who play a significant role in the life of a student with a learning disability and/or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder."
Ken Chep, Dir. of Disability Services
University of San Diego

"The students speak eloquently for themselves. Their motivated sincerity aimed at academic and professional success couldn't have been scripted. A fine teaching tool for students and professionals alike, this video can enable and facilitate important conversations designed to augment a healthy approach to appropriate goal setting and independence."
Louise H. Russell, Director,
Student Disability Resource Center Harvard Univ.

Transitions Videos Awarded Four Stars Out of Four
by Video Librarian Magazine in the Jan/Feb 1999 Issue:

"By now, most well-developed library video collections offer materials on learning disabilites and attention deficit disorders in children and grown-ups, but how many items do we have for college-age young adults? In this engaging tape, eight college students with specific learning disabilities and/or ADD discuss their transitions from high school to postsecondary learning environments. Hosted by actor/musician Jim Byrnes, these poignant and inspirational-yet-realistic messages about self-advocacy, transition planning, learning strategies, and the differences they experienced at postsecondary school. Interspered throughout are several extremely well acted vignettes, each illuminating a particular problem in the students' lives. Highly recommended. Editor's Choice."

Preview To Purchase Option Available:

Transitions From High School to Postsecondary Learning --School and Life Self-Advocacy Skills for Students with Learning Disabilities and/or ADD/ADHD

Available in Spring of 1999:

Moving On to High School --School and Life Self- Advocacy Skills for Students with Learning Disabilities and/or ADD/ADHD

Each Transitions package includes:
The 45 Minute Transitions Video
The video is divided into three shorter segments to accomodate shorter attention spans and to provide flexibility in instructional approach.
Teacher/Leader Video Discussion Guide
Written by teachers, this guide offers suggestions and recommendations for presenting the video. Key points and issues are highlighted for discussion purposes and summaries of video segments are provided for review and study. This handy booklet is designed to fit into the video container for easy storage and access.
Self-Advocacy Handbook
A copy of Howard Eaton's Self-Advocacy handbook is included with each video. Extra copies and class sets may be ordered and shipped directly to you. These handbooks are valuable additions to the video study because they can be taken away by the student for further study and reinforcement of the information. As well, they can be used in the classroom or study group as part of the instructional process.
Student/Learner Preparatory Workbook
As the video emphasizes, goal setting and proper planning are elemental in the self-advocacy process and for transitional preparation. In the student workbook, the student has the opportunity to start this process, in his own words, as he is guided through the stages in this clearly-formatted, reproducible workbook.


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