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Developmental Therapy- Teaching Programs
developmental therapy teaching programs Georgia Help for Troubled or Troubling Children
The University Of Georgia
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Developmental Therapy- Teaching Programs

Developmental Therapy- Developmental Teaching is a proven method to foster social-emotional competence and responsible behavior in troubled and troubling children/ youth from birth to age 16.

Developmental Therapy is a structured therapeutic intervention for those with severe social/ emotional/ behavioral disabilities. Developmental Teaching uses the same fundamentals of healthy emotional development to guide children/ teens who require a less intensive approach.

Developmental Therapy- Teaching Programs, a non-profit outreach program housed at the University of Georgia, is directed by Dr. Mary M. Wood, Professor Emeritus. DTTP provides on-site and distance learning for training/ technical assistance to enhance the skills/ effectiveness of professionals, paraprofessionals and parents working with young people in schools, daycare, preschools, mental health settings, residential facilities, and homes. The approach has been nationally validated by both the Department of Education and the American Psychiatric Association.

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