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Coastal Educational Services

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"Riding the Wave of Education"
Costa Mesa, CA

2900 Bristol St, #J109
Costa Mesa, CA. 92626

Tel: 714-850-0308
Fax: 714-333-9315


Children's Empowerment Resources
Educational Assessment and Consultation in Southern California

Welcome to Coastal Educational Services, the premier special education testing resource in southern California. As a parent you will find information here that will help you determine what steps to take in order to understand your child's development and learning style.

The goal is to create a happy and productive child that in turn will lead to a positive family life and school experience. Pediatric and educational specialists find our expertise as an adjunctive support for their child patients and their families. This support revolves around assessment and intervention of issues such as questions about school readiness, possible learning disabilities, behavioral disorders, and other disorders such as autistic spectrum disorder.

Testing and consultation for special education and disabilities is our specialty.

Services provided by Coastal Educational Services include:

  • Developmental Screenings
  • Early Intervention Consultation
  • IEP consultation and educational planning
  • Pediatric-adjunctive assessment related to attention disorders
  • Adjunctive support for pediatricians
  • Parent support for child development issues
  • Kindergarten Readiness Screening
  • GATE IQ testing (ONLY for specific districts offering this option)
  • Psycho-Educational Assessment
  • School Neurospychological Evaluation
  • Art therapy (individual and group)
  • Social skills intervention
One unique intervention for people with developmental disorders and other learning and / or emotional and social disabilities is art therapy. Art therapy with children is especially powerful. Many children either are not ready to or do not have the ability to utilize verbal therapy to express emotions and feelings. Art therapy presents them with an opportunity to utilize self-expression through the use of familiar materials such as crayons, paints, pictures, etc. It is a medium that facilitates communication of even the most deep-rooted emotional issues without relying on verbal communication, which can be intimidating and scary for some children.

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