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Ceres Psychological Services

Supporting and empowering parents through the Special Education Process

500 Vernon #113
Oakland, California 946110

Tel: 510 652 6831
Fax: 510 652 6831


Empowering Parents to find the right Special Education Services and Programs for Children and Teens with Learning Disabilities

As Licensed Educational Psychologists we provide support to parents as they navigate the special education process. All services free when you purchase and are using the manual, Learning Disabilities: Understanding the Problem, Managing the Challenges.

Services available through the internet, fax or phone.

Advocacy Services:

  • We work specifically with and for parents of children with learning disabilities and attention deficit disorder to assist them in their efforts to claim their rights under the law. We provide the outside information that the law gives permission to present in support of your decision to place or not place your child in special education. Our work asks the question: "Is special education appropriate even if the child is eligible." Emphasis is upon full inclusion in the general education classroom with an Individualized Education Plan.
Educational Alternatives

  • Professional services to assist parents in understanding the law and exploring alternatives for the child with learning disabilities
Educationl Assessments:
  • We review all current and previous assessments for accuracy of interpretation of data, and provide additional assessment as needed to identify learning strengths and weaknesses and other information needed to develop and an appropriate Individual Education Plan (IEP).
See our parent manual, LEARNING DISABILITIES: Understanding the Problem, Managing the Challenges at A complete expose' of the special education process and how to navigate it to get an appropriate education for your learning handicapped child: What to do and how to do it, what to say and when to say it, questions to ask and what to do if you don't get the right answer.

Learn so much more through Dr. Brown's e-book, Understanding Disabilities.

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