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Blossom Child Psychology & Behavioral Health Center, PLLC
Minneapolis, MN

adhd clinic Minneapolis, Minnnesota

Cultivating social, emotional, and behavioral success for children and teens

11900 Wayzata Blvd
Ste 216E
Minneapolis, MN 55305

Tel: 952-545-3300

Child assessments for ADHD, learning problems, emotional problems, autism spectrum disorder / Asperger's
Psychological Support for your family Minneapolis, Minnesota

As a child psychologist, I have worked with many parents and children who have experienced similar types of problems. Together, you and I will address the specific needs of your child and your family. Goals may include:
  • Provide assessments and diagnosis for learning differences and disorders, and provide recommendations for treatment for emotional and learning disrders
  • Restore your teen's emotional well-being, so that she is happy, confident, and at ease with herself
  • Build your child's compliance, tolerance of frustration, and coping skills, so that he listens to authority and persists when completing challenging tasks
  • Teach your child the necessary social skills that will help her to make friends and sustain meaningful relationships
  • Relieve parent stress and anxiety, so you feel more relaxed as you parent with confidence
  • Stimulate effective communication among family members to enhance relationships
  • Enrich the parent-child or parent-teen relationship

To Schedule an appointment with Dr. Lewis-Snyder, call us at: 952.545.3300

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