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ADDvantages Learning Center

Addvantage Learning Center Cherrry Hill NJ

Solutions for Struggling Students

1101 North Kings Highway
Cherry Hill, N.J. 08034

Tel: 856-482-0756


We Provide Cutting Edge Programs that Treat the Root Causes of Learning Difficulties, Not Just the Symptoms!

Our center was started by a concerned learning disabilities teacher who saw firsthand the pain of learning difficulties. Traditional educational methods were failing these children, they weren't failing. These methods are based on teaching the student how to compensate for weaknesses. Learning how to compensate for weaknesses is good, but not enough. We train the entire learning system to function properly. Struggling students usually display symptoms of an underdeveloped cognitive processing system. These are the brain's tools that allow learning to take place. All of our programs are based on scientific research.

Your Child Will Able to . . .
  • Complete homework independently
  • Finish schoolwork within a reasonable amount of time
  • Write with ease
  • Retain concepts taught in school
  • Learn easier and faster with less effort
  • Enjoy school
  • Approach learning with a positive attitude
  • Achive to Potential
  • Improve Grades

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