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Special Education Action Committee

Parent Training & Information Center for Alabama

600 Bel Air Blvd., Suite 210
Mobile, Alabama 36606

Tel: (334) 478-1208 (V/TDD)
1-800-222-7322 AL only
Fax: (334) 473-7877

Additional offices in Montgomery, Birmingham, and Huntsville


The Special Education Action Committee, Inc. (SEAC) was founded in 1983 as a nonprofit coalition of parents of children with disabilities, concerned citizens and organizations of parents and professionals serving Alabama's children with disabilities.

SEAC Services Include:
  Basic Workshops
  • Special Education Laws
  • Evaluation(s)
  • IEP Development
  • Parent/ Professional Communication
  • Problem Solving Strategies
  • Individual Assistance/Training
      One-to-one assistance for individual parents and professionals in developing the child's Individualized Education Program (IEP).
    Community Parent Training Workshops
      Training for parents and other volunteers who are willing to assist parents in their communities, thus providing a network of trainers throughout the state.
    Public Awareness
      Radio, TV, newspaper/newsletter publicity, brochures, and audio-visual presentations; involvement with other organizations to help parents and the general public understand the rights and needs of children with disabilities.

    SEAC Services are Free of Charge

    Please visit the SEAC web site for more information:

    ISER Home | First Steps | Planning | Navigating
    LD assessment | ADHD assessment
    educational alternatives | learning centers | therapy | advocacy