South Dakota
Parent Connection

Monica Degen, Director

A Parent Training
and Information Center

3701 W. 49th Street
Suite 200B
Sioux Falls, SD 57106

Tel: (605) 361-3171
Fax: (605) 361-2928
Toll-Free (In SD): 1-800-640-4553


Providing Information and Resources to Families, Educators, and Service Providers About Children with Disabilities


  • The Circuit, a free quarterly newsletter with articles about disability issues including legislation and statewide activities
  • Lending library and written materials that meet your specific requests
  • Free workshops on topics affecting families and their children with disabilities or special needs
  • Information and /or referral on Special Education laws and rights and how these changing laws affect families
Individualized Assistance:
  • Families who have children with newly diagnosed disabilities
  • Parents who need assistance with their children's education
  • Families whose children with disabilities are making transitions to preschool, public school or a vocational program
  • Families who have recently relocated
  • Families seeking the opportunity to share experiences with other parents
  • Service providers or educators interested in becoming more sensitive to the unique needs of parents whose children have a disability

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