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PST Educational Consultants
Neurocognitive disorders,learning disabilities, attention deficit disorder, closed head injury
support for youth & adults, parents & educators...
10642 S. Baneberry Street
Highlands Ranch, Colorado

Tel: 303-471 4142
Fax: 303 471 4149

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New! Interactive CDs for parents, students, adults...

PST now has 5 CDs available for those involved with neurocognitive disorders (learning disabilities, attention deficit disorder, closed head injury, etc.).

"You're Not the Only One I...": the original, which explains in kid-friendly language what's going on and offers a broad array of compensatory strategies youngsters have found helpful.

"You're Not the Only One II...": for older adolescents and adults, offering compensatory strategies and expanded to include information about postsecondary education options and employment.

"Understanding Assessement & what happens next...": a must-have for parents going through the special education process. Written to dispel the mystique. Explains test administration, what various scores mean, how assessments results should lead to instructional intervention, types of instructional intervention, and 'things to think about' relative to postsecondary options and employment.

"Psychoeductional Assessment Theory & Practice...": for members of the special education team, presenting information processing theory, best practice during test administration, score interpretation, and instructional intervention based upon scores and theoretical understandings. Extremely helpful for those struggling with new assessment responsibilities; used statewide for preservice/inservice recertification credit.

"Intervention by Design...": for special education personnel. Suggested remedial approaches, compensatory strategies and accommodations based upon information processing strengths and weaknesses. Allows the user to take existing test data and translate this directly to intervention.

Price: $35 each. Please call or email us for orders.

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