Learning Disabilities and Special Education Resource Centers: PERC- Parents and Educators Resource Center, CA

1650 South Amphlett Blvd.
Suite 300
San Mateo, CA 94402-2516

Ph: (650) 655-2410

Fax: (650)655-2411

  • Our web site has hundreds of resources to search, allows you to submit a question to our information specialists over the web, and the ability to customize the web site with Schwab Foundation for Learning articles so they are in one place. Interested parties can also call the Schwab Foundation for Learning at 1-800-230-0988.

  • Our resource consultants, who specialize in learning differences, are available for one-on-one guidance sessions by phone or in person.

  • Our library contains books, video and audio tapes, children's books (including "high interest/ low vocabulary" titles), recommended reading lists, and an information file with current articles sorted by topic.

  • Our educational programs cover a broad range of topics to enhance understanding of students' diverse learning styles.

  • Our LD Matters, issued quarterly, features articles, pertinent information, and practical suggestions for assisting parents and educators help children with learning differences.

Visit the Schwab Foundation for Learning web site for more information and to access online resources.

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