A Statewide Network of Families and Educators Working Together to Serve Children and Young Adults with Special Needs

Resource Center for Issues in Special Education
Drake University
2507 University
Des Moines, IA 50311-4505

Tel: (515) 271-3936
Fax: (515) 271-4185


The mission of the Parent-Educator Connection is to promote effective partnerships through communication, education, and collaboration for the education and well-being of children and
young adults.

What Can We Do for Parents and Educators?

  • Link families and educators with needed services and resources.
  • Develop parent-educator support groups.
  • Conduct workshops on various subjects for families and educators.
  • Provide books, pamphlets and video/ audio tapes on issues regarding special education, parenting, and disabilities.
  • Network with other agencies and programs who work with parents and educators.
  • Connect families and educators with similar needs and interests.
  • Speak to state and local educational groups. Inform and encourage them to support home-school relationships.

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