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Educational Consulting for Challenging Youth and Young Adults

I am an educational consultant specializing in residential placements for challenging youth and young adults. My son was responsible for me getting into this field, since he also was a struggling teen. After realizing that he was not going to grow out of his growing pains, I began to explore what alternatives may be available for him. I traveled throughout the United States and parts of Europe, Canada and Mexico, visiting psychiatric hosptials, resdiential treatment centers, therapeutic schools and wilderness programs, facilities geared to youth over 18 years old, drug and alcohol rehabs and step down schools. I now want to share my information with other families traveling down a similar tortuous highway.

My mantra has become that there is no shame in having a child who doesn’t fit the mold; the shame is when nothing is done about it.

I find the right program for teens and young adults dealing with:
  • low self esteem
  • underachiever
  • family conflict
  • oppositional behavior
  • school refusal
  • depression/anxiety
  • bi-polar
  • runaways
  • substance abuse
  • ADHD with behavioral issues
  • internet addiction
  • adoption issues

Routinely traveling to programs as well as visiting my students after they are placed, I often become the eyes and ears for my families. I do not work by the clock, but rather by the placement. Traveling to these programs is both time consuming and expensive. No doubt, you may be able to find a less expensive way to find a placement. You could troll the net and find programs yourself or simply ask around and see what school names crop up. Is that really good enough for you? If I am willing to appreciate the importance of your child, aren't you?

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