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Maxine Young


Speech-Language Pathologist

2000 Sproul Road, Suite 300
Broomall, PA 19008

Tel: (610) 353-6008
Fax: (610) 359-1209


Specializing in Processing and Language- Learning Disabilities in Pennsylvania

  • Hearing assessment
  • Central Auditory Processing Testing
    Educational recommendations, comprehensive report for teachers and therapists, IEP recommendations
  • Hearing Aid and Assistive Listening Device Dispensing
  • AIT Audiology Assessment
  • Fast ForWord:
  • Assessment for candidacy determination
  • Programs for in-home or on-site use
  • Speech-Language Pathology:
  • Speech-Language Assessment/ Therapy
  • Learning Styles Assessment
  • ADD Assessment
  • Maxine Young has specialized in auditory and language processing disorders for 20 years. Evaluations can be used to develop educational programs, determine therapy and reading techniques, and provide teachers with management strategies. She has published articles on processing, lectures, and participated in the Fast ForWord field trials.

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