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It's About Time....

Peggy G. Umansky,

We take the "DIS" out of "DISORGANIZATION"!

14919 Conway Road
Chesterfield, MO 63017

Tel/Fax: (636) 537-1177


Web Site:

Is disorganization getting in the way
of your success?

It's About Time... is an educational consulting company that specializes in teaching children and adults time management and organization strategies. Peggy G. Umansky, M.Ed., founder of
It's About Time...
, is recognized as an authority in the needs of children and adults with ADD/LD. We take the "dis" out of "disorganization" in the home, school or workplace.

It's About Time... offers:
    one-on-one consultations
    on-line consulting
    lunch and learn programs
    IEP/504 preparation

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