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Tipton Academy

"A Positive Place for Change"
Tipton  Academy for troubled teen boys in Kansas

201 Arnoldy Street
Tipton KS 67485




Boys Boarding School for Troubled Teens
Tipton, Kansas

Tipton Academy is a KDHE licensed residential center for boys age 12-17. We are located in scenic north central Kansas' Rolling Blue Hills region. Tipton's unusual geographical placement allows for a secure environment without the typical distractions of big city life, with a touch of Midwestern values, while staying focused on the goal at hand, getting your son's life back on track.

Tipton helps at risk teenage boys who are dealing with issues such as:

  • Chemical dependency - alcohol and drug use
  • Defiant - disregard for rules, doesn't accept "no" for an answer
  • Depression - low self-esteem
  • Disrespectful
  • Arguing - never at fault for behaviors
  • Manipulation - doing what they can to get what they want no matter who it hurts
  • Lying - stealing - sneaky behavior
  • Impulsive - lack of control
  • Negative peers - can't keep friends or has friends who encourage negative behavior, runaway behavior, unpredictable behavior, sexual behavior.
  • Family conflict - "I hate you", attitude; "you can't make me", attitude School problems - poor grades, skipping school, suspension, expulsion, fallen grades

Help your son use his skills and talents in a positive way! Call us to talk at:1-800-610-8810

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