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Robert Land Academy
military academy for at risk teens

Celebrating 30 Years of Service

Motivation to Succeed !
Responsibility to Lead!

R. R. # 3, 6726 South Chippawa RD.
Wellandport, ON L0R 2J0 Canada

Tel: 905-386-6203
Fax: 905-386-6607


Motivate! Challege! Succeed!
Over 29 Years of Proven Success with Underachieving Boys and Young Men

Robert Land Academy is a nonprofit private boys' boarding school offering accredited courses from grade six through preuniversity in an environment intended to stimulate and motivate academic and personal achievement. The Academy operates with a military theme whereby a highly structured environment provides incentives and rewards for positive behaviors.
    Robert Land Academy specializes in helping boys who have:

  • Academic Difficulties


  • A Negative Attitude or A Lack of Effort

  • A Need For Greater Supervision (24 x 7)

  • Low Self-Esteem

  • Issues with Authority or Sense of Entitlement

  • Impulsive Behavior or A Negative Peer Group

  • A Need For a Structured and Challenging Environment

  • A Desire for Adventure and Excitement

With average class sizes of only 15, an overall staff:student ratio of 2:1, and a safe and secure rural setting away from negative influences and distractions, Robert Land Academy provides a healthy living and learning environment for students who are not achieving their potential. Visit our web site for more information.

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