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Using An Online Curriculum Is Very Doable and Exciting

By Judith Greenberg, Ph.d., of Schoolfinders.net

Having been an educator for over forty years, I am always looking for new and different approaches to working with my students. Technology has made the classroom amazing in that a single teacher can work individually with students who are working on a PC, laptop, tablet, even a smart phone. Using a good computer program is the most important factor. You want to be able to let students of all ages be able to work on a specific subject, yet work at their own pace and feel successful. These are two of the key ingredients to making technology work well. Students, who may need extra time for work or a test, have that ability. Those who need visuals to help understand the reading have that accommodation built into the computer program, many include you tube videos! A student who wants to go at a faster pace or a higher level can also learn within the classroom or at home. Many programs include a quiz to check the actual comprehension of material.

Outside of the classroom the uses of such an online program are endless. Parents can get information dealing with their children's assignments and be ready to help. More work is done in class or during the day, thus less busywork homework is assigned. For students with a desire to home school or even a need to home-school, such a program is a like an educational gift. The curriculum, videos, additional resources and much more can be found right on your computer! Students who desire to finish high school faster, or work at home due to illness, or special needs can do as much as each is capable of doing without feeling pressured, or ashamed to be last to finish. Even students with anxiety issues do well working this way. I'm amazed at the number of students who have been helped by the program I use.

If you or someone you know is home-schooling, this program and approach is wonderful. I have been consulting with home-schoolers for over 15 years and am excited about this inexpensive way to teach students, prepare for SAT exams, and take advantage of every interesting and well written part of the product. As students are so delighted to be in front of a computer, which is the opposite of their feelings for textbooks, using an online curriculum is perfect for all learners and all ages. Look for a program which offers a free trial to make sure you are happy with it and get those kids learning!

Dr. Judith Greenberg is the President of School Finders, LLC. specializing in school, program and college placement; special education and special needs advocacy; expert witness services, and tutoring. School Finders provides tutoring via Skype anywhere and everywhere.Her online Learning Program of her choice: www.etap.org, by Blaise Subbiondo

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