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Alcohol and Drug Abuse in Troubled Teens

from the Academy of Eastern Arizona
Alcohol and drug abuse is largely detected amongst troubled teens. This could be contributed to many things. The main ones would of course be peer pressure and how they were raised. Peer pressure will always be around and it is best to let your troubled teen know the dangers of these actions instead of trying to shelter your teen. They are going to find out unless you lock them in a closet till they are 18. Imagine how a sheltered person will act when released into the wild. The possibilities are endless. Death comes to mind first.

How a troubled teen is raised is very important to their well being. A good parent will already know this, but some people need to hear it again.

Among the adults, nearly six million are the victims of alcohol and drug abuse.

It would be quite a task to take the latter segment out of it, but parents can prevent alcohol and drug abuse in their troubled teen. They can do this by being a little sympathetic and discussing with them freely the future that alcohol and drug abuse has to offer. It is a horrible world with many dangers lurking in the shadows.

Do not be afraid to use a little fear, you know what can become of an addict.

Addictions destroy people's lives, and parents can help prevent their troubled teens from becoming an addict by being involved and staying on the level with them. Try not to embarrass them, and be more like a friend. This way they will feel like being more open with you, thus you will know more about what is going on in your troubled teen's life.

Many parents today feel the need to invade their troubled teens privacy and search through the bedroom to get more details about what is going on. Troubled teens today are a lot smarter than we were when we were kids and therefore smarter actions have to take place. You have to embrace your troubled teen with a sincere heart to help he/she succeed, instead of pushing them to the grindstone. Most parents expect their troubled teen to be broken down then built back up, when in all reality you have to put your arm around them and walk them towards a better future. If not they become rebellious, and lean to the drugs and alcohol as a friend or way to relieve the stress.

One major thing parents today need to know is, "Spend more time with your troubled teens, than you do with yourself." Meaning, if you are more worried about missing a basketball game or a golf tourney and refusing to go to your sons baseball game, then you are setting yourself up for failure. Change your habits and mind set and let your troubled teen know you care about them as these are vital times for these kids.

The Academy of Eastern Arizona, located in Holbrook, Arizona is to provide a safe, positive environment where each troubled teen girl is able to learn and apply the Values of Responsibility, Self Respect, Respect for Authority, and Self Motivation. Reach them by phone at:(866) 698-3362. See our listing on ISER.COM

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