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You Can Treat ADHD Without Drugs or Medication With the "Right" School.

by Mrs. C. Stradling, MS and Educational Administrator at Glenwood Academy, Maryland

As an Educational Administrator, I have noticed an increase in the number of students that are ADHD. Most parents feel after talking to a psychologist, that there is only one option - medication. Through my research and hands-on experiences of teaching children since 1974, I came across methods to successfully help a child with ADHD on the classroom.

The first prong of my non-medicinal approach is a small class size. A child with ADHD should have no more than 15 kids in their class. Too many students in a class ,"over loads" the child's brain. There is just too much noise for the ADHD student which equals too many distractions.

Having a school day schedule that provides frequent wiggle breaks throughout their day makes a huge positive impact on the ADHD child. A student should not be sitting in their seat for long periods of time. Frequent breaks give them "mental breaks".

The second prong is exercise and sensory input. A child who is ADHD needs a learning environment (school) that uses the program, "Dynamic Physical Education". This curriculum provides the best combination of theoretical framework and hands-on activities available. It highlights the importance of teaching toward every student, emphasizes the daily connection between academics and Physical Education.

The third prong of my approach is using engaging multi-sensory materials in all subject areas throughout the child's day. One reading/writing program that the private school, Glenwood Academy, that I teach out uses is Project Read by Language Circle. It puts language in motion. Project Read has three curriculum strands: phonics, reading comprehension, and written expression. It is proven to cultivate knowledge, promote academic independence, and foster self-confidence.

By Mrs. C. Stradling, MS and Educational Administrator at Glenwood Academy in Mt. Airy, MD. Contact her at:410-489-6959, or via email at:

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