Re-Creation Retreat, Year Round School for Struggling Teenage Girls

Providence Pass, Year Round School and Help for Teenage Girls Who Are Struggling

Residential Treatment Centers for Troubled Girls

PO Box 710
Fredonia, AZ 86022


Year Round Residentail School and Help for Teenage Girls Who Are Struggling
Fredonia, Arizona

Re-Creation Retreat is an affordable long-term therapeutic boarding school providing individualized behavioral and emotional therapy for girls between the ages of 13 and 17. In addition to therapy, this program provides care for trauma and includes an academic recovery program. This program is ideal for teenage girls struggling with adoption-related issues, depression, personality disorders, abuse trauma (including self-abuse), relationship trauma, substance abuse/addiction, rebellion, eating disorders, sleep disorders, and self-harm.

Therapy is not a one-size-fits-all solution for troubled teens. At Re-Creation Retreat, the therapeutic approach is tailored to the individual needs of each student in the program. This approach includes both traditional therapy (in both group and individual settings) alongside more specialized therapies like animal-assisted therapy and experiential therapy. The goal of these therapies is to provide girls with a safe, home-like environment where they feel comfortable to open up, develop relationships, and learn to cope with past mistakes and difficulties. As girls make progress in these counseling sessions, they start to embrace the core principles of Re-Creation Retreat and live by values like integrity, trustworthiness, compassion, service, and truthfulness.

Like the therapeutic program at Re-Creation Retreat, the academic program is individualized and specifically shaped to meet each student's needs. This fully accredited academic program works alongside the therapeutic program to make sure that students are able to stay on track in school and make up credits they may have lost previously due to their acting out. If your girl needs academic and therapeutic help, call Re-Creation Retreat at (888) 390-8366.

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