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Balaban and Associates, LLC

educational advocacy and hild therapy New Jersey
Dr. Joseph Plasner

Educational assessments, child psychotherapy and child advocacy

1415 Queen Anne Road
Teaneck, NJ 07666

Tel: 201-833-0655
Fax: 201-833-4025

Resources in Education, Child Advocacy, and Parent Training
in New Jersey, New York and Connecticut

Balaban and Associates is proud of our commitment to provide services to New Jersey public and private schools as an independent child study team for over 20 years. We offer comprehensive and fully independent evaluations in all disciplines as well as related services in counseling and speech-language therapy. We pride ourselves in having been able to provide second opinions regarding classification decisions, recommendations for services, and the implementation of programs that have been crucial in meeting the needs of special education students in New Jersey.

Balaban and Associates also offers private therapeutic services for children within the tri-state area. We are particularly proud of our ability to remediate speech-language disorders, learning disabilities, reading and writing disorders, ADHD, Childhood Onset Bipolar Disorder, depression, anxiety disorders, and behavioral disorders. Our experienced staff members are dedicated professionals who believe in including parents in order to facilitate therapeutic success. As such, we provide parent support and guidance, as well as parenting sessions. Dr. Plasner, a licensed/school psychologist, and owner/executive director of Balaban and Associates, has recently completed a book entitled, Conscious Parenting: A Values-Centered Approach. He has also developed an e-course on parenting that he will be offering on his website shortly, at

At Balaban and Associates, we can:

  • Provide psychological, educational, and speech-language evaluations

  • Offer psychotherapy for childrens's disorders, including ADHD, Depression, Childhood Onset Bipolar Disorder, Anxiety Disorders, and Behavioral Disorders

  • Provide speech-language therapy and educational therapy for learning disabilities, including Dyslexia, and Disorder of Written Expression

  • Offer parent support and parent training skills to augment child psychotherapy

  • Provide educational consultations to support special services and IEP development

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