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Northwest Special Education Services LLC
Consulting, Advocacy, Training for parents and providers
special education advocacy and services Oregon

PO Box 1786
Saint Helens, Oregon

Tel: 503-560-9599


Special Education Advocate, Consultant, Trainer

Education, training and support to families in Oregon.

Advocacy Training and Workshops teaches how to:

  • Professionally advocate for your child
  • Negotiate services in a calm, matter of fact, business like way
  • Understand the laws that protect both you and your child
  • Read and comprehend test scores
  • Develop and organize a parent plan that can help you to receive services your child needs
  • Recognizing S.M.A.R.T. IEP's

Advocacy Support offers:

  • Attendance at IEP Meetings
  • Review and assist with organization of parent plan

Consulting Services offer:

  • IEP Review before and after meetings
  • Behavior Management Plans
  • Classroom Observations

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