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Mountain Homes Youth Ranch

"Helping Youth Find their True Path"
247 South Vernal Ave.
Vernal, UT 84078

Tel: 866-781-2450
Fax: 435-781-2442


When teenagers lose their way we help them find it again!

Mountain Homes Youth Ranch is a therapeutic growth program for troubled teens (coed ages 12-17). On our 15,000 acre private Ranch in Colorado struggling teens are given opportunity for emotional and physical challenge. Our supportive and non-judgmental environment leads our students to view their abilities in a different perspective. Students experience success that challenges negative belief systems.

If your troubled teen struggles with ADHD or ADD there is no better environment for your teen to learn how to focus and stay on task. Our location, and therapeutic and academic programs provide a venue for teens void of distractions. Teens with ADHD or ADD learn how to get the job done whatever it may be and come to desire the personal satisfaction that comes with daily hard work and follow through.

In our many years of business we have helped hundreds of families reunite and hundreds of teenagers overcome addictions and behavioral problems of all kinds.

Call us at 866-781-2450 and visit with our renowned Clinical Director Rob Caldwell for more information on our approach to helping at risk teens.

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