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ADHD  and LD therapy

A Revolutionary Training Program that Improves Learning and Behaviroal Abilities without Medication.

954 Lexington ave. # 126
New York NY 10021

Tel:   1-646-339-6712
Fax:   602 996 7932

 Expert shares 22 years of instruction experience helping over 15,000 students overcome learning, behavioral, and attention difficulties without medication!

Around the world, diagnoses such as ADD and ADHD, dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, and various concentration and behavioral difficulties are based on the examination of symptoms. These diagnoses attempt to address the disorderís cognitive or emotional aspects, and they also address the body (e.g., through PT, OT, speech, etc.), yet they do not sufficiently explain the physical root causes of such difficulties. Nor do they address what can be done to eliminate these symptoms without the use of medications or basic training.

This ultimately leads parents to wonder what treatments are available. And while they search for answers, they often ask, "Where has my son gone?" as they watch their children sink into depression, become overly sensitive, angry, frustrated or hyper-active.

In Intelligence Integration, a 500+ page book, complete with step-by-step instructions and animations*, Moshe Elbaum shares his proven strategies that boost confidence, and create skills that will drive a lifelong passion to learn! Techniques include:

  • Building reading comprehension, speed and increasing interest in reading
  • Improving spatial awareness, balance and athletic ability
  • Refining fine motor skills to improve handwriting and drawing related tasks
  • Cultivating better organizational and time management skills
  • Boosting confidence to build a healthy self-esteem
  • Decreasing risk-taking and attention-seeking behavior
  • Curtailing hyperactivity, impulsivity, aggression and oversensitivity
  • Increasing concentration and lengthening attention spans
  • Enhancing mathematical reasoning
  • Strengthening speech and expressive language skills
  • And much, much more!

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