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Independent Speech, LLC

online speech therapy and teleservices schools and individuals

Speech Therapy Telepractice

28731 N 25th Glen
Phoenix, AZ 85085

Tel: 602-793-2958


Independent Speech, LLC is a web-based speech-language therapy private practice
We provide evaluations, on-going therapy and consultative services for a variety of communication disorders including; voice, fluency, language, literacy, articulation, phonology, aural rehabilitation, pragmatics and aphasia.

We offer a comprehensive therapy program that includes:

    -Therapy Sessions
    Our face-to-face therapy sessions are conducted over a secure internet site, using a web-cam. These sessions are conducted in a manner similar to traditional speech therapy sessions.
    We offer therapist designed, interactive learning activities and games to reinforce skills and concepts addressed in therapy. We are constantly updating our activity center so there are always new activities to ensure continued interest.
    We offer a blog for our patients to ask questions, exchange ideas or just connect with others experiencing the same communication disorder(s).
    -Reference Library
    We maintain a reference library which houses links to websites, articles and other resources that may be beneficial to our patients. This library is updated weekly to ensure we are offering current information.
Visit our website at to learn more about our services.

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