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How can a special needs school / practice /organization can benefit from a listing with Internet Special Education Resources? In so many ways... Please see the FAQ below, and then Sign up for great special education referrals!.

Q. What benefit does a school, practice, or education-related corporation get out of listing on www.iser.com ?
A. www.iser.com gets consistently high rankings on Google for many special-education related terms. That translates into high traffic and many visits. Your listing on ISER will likely place higher with the search engines than your own web site does.
Q. Can my own website benefit from my listing on ISER? ?
A. Your listing on www.iser.com will have links to your website and your email address. If you have a logo to give us, we will link that to your site as well.
Q.How much does a listing on ISER cost to run?
A. Your listing on www.iser.com will run only $200 per year for a standard sized listing (2/3 of a page long) on 3 of our high ranking directories. If you are interested in a longer, extended listing, the listing will be more expensive.
Q.Are there any other benefits to listing on ISER ?
A. Yes, if you list on www.iser.com we are happy to publish articles from you on topics related to persons with special needs on our resource pages, at no additional cost to you. These resource pages get a tremendous amount of traffic.
Q.Does someone searching the web have to go through the ISER Home Page to reach my listing?
A. No, because ISER works hard on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for every listing: each listing on www.iser.com has its own titles and meta tags, and is submitted manually to Google and Bing. Your listing is likely to come up on Google as a result of a direct search for the contents of the listing
Q.Does www.iser.com offer any other advertising options besides the basic listing?
A. Yes, www.iser.com offers inexpensive banner advertising as well as directory sponsorships. Please read on for more details

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