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Seven Steps to Reading for Visual Learners and Children with Autism

  CompuThera offers a seven-step gradual discrete approach for teaching reading. It has been designed for children having trouble learning by observation alone. It is aimed at visual learners and children whom traditional classic educational methods cannot motivate. Many children with learning disabilities such as ADHD, Autism, or Down Syndrome fit this category; that is why CompuThera will benefit them most.

Targeting both receptive and expressive cognitive skills, the CompuThera treatment plan builds on mastered items to progress through the program using simple drills, eventually leading to reading simple sentences.

The ability to read often triggers in young students the conceptual leap leading in breakthrough in communication.

CompuThera's approach reinforces methods recently pioneered at Johns Hopkins and other learning institutions, which help these gifted children focus on new language and communication skills by constant reinforcement utilizing visual and audio cues. CompuThera utilizes a complete immersion in visual and linguistic association utilizing images, symbols, words, phrases, and music. It allows children and parents to complement proven therapeutic techniques in the home, and provides endless pleasure for the child while learning takes place.


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