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Dragonfly Transitions
for Young Adults in Transition

Developing Character, Cultivating Change
505 N 9th Street
Klamath Falls, Oregon 97601



Progressive Phases for Young Adults in Transition

Students learn life skills and work to transition into a healthy young adult life with independence, autonomy, integrity, and sustainability. Dragonfly offers the opportunity for real world experience while providing a stable, supportive environment where students can flourish.

Typically, our students are young men and women between the ages of 18 and 24.

Many have fallen off the average developmental curve due to drug and alcohol use, a mood disorder, identity issues, body image issues, family breakup, significant loss, and/or trauma.

Goals for Our Students Include:

  • Learning to control self-destructive behaviors and moods
  • "Stepping down" from a more rigorous therapeutic program
  • Finding and following life purpose, meaning, and direction
  • Learning life skills and coping skills
  • Improving self-esteem
  • Overcoming anxieties, shyness, isolation, and/or phobias
  • Dealing with unresolved family issues and complications in a healthy manner
  • Learning to set healthy boundaries with family, friends, and other peers

Our well trained and experienced clinical staff offers individualized therapy and life skills training through healthy activities, such as horseback riding, cooking, yoga, art therapy, and much more. We also offer three family workshops throughout the year, which provides opportunities for intensive family and group sessions.

Psychiatric evaluations, medication management, and other services are provided to students as needed by Dragonfly's Medical Director. Students also meet with staff mentors once per week. Dragonfly Transitions has three locations in Southern Oregon - Klamath Falls, Ashland, and the Homestead (softer landing for men just south of Klamath).

The Klamath Falls campus has a coffee shop and deli, A Leap of Taste, for job skills. The Homestead has a working farm with a green house and animals. Students have opportunity to sell produce at the local farmer's market. Ashland is home to the Oregon Shakespeare festival. Both Klamath and Ashland have a variety of vocation and education options.

Dragonfly is a blend of individual and group therapy, experiential education, life skills, education and vocation. Feel free to call us at 541-850-0841 to find out more about what Dragonly can offer to your young adult child.

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