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Medical Doctors and Dentists Specializing in the Care and Treatment of Children and Teens with Special Needs -- Pediatricians, Psychiatrists,Neurologists, Orthodontists, Opthalmologists,Optometrists, and more

Find a medical doctor or dentist for your child who is trained and / or sensitive to the needs of children and teens with special needs. Make sure your child is treated with the dignity and special skills that he or she deserves.

therapyand your special needs child Doctors, help parents find you!

National and Worldwide Resources

AlignStaffing -- full service provider of pediatric and school-based mental health and therapy services nationwide

The Adaptive Child-- company dedicated to developing better therapeutic solutions for special needs children who can't get what they need from mainstream therapeutic devices.

Core Medical--special needs changing tables and other equipment for kids, teens, adults

Snowdrop Child Development Consultants-- Neuro - Cognitive therapy for children with developmental difficulties

Local Resources and Services




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Disclaimer: Internet Special Education Resources (ISER) provides this information as an aid to people seeking local special education professionals. ISER does not recommend or endorse any particular special education referral source, type of special education professional, or specific special education professional.

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