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Darckenu Israel

wilderness program for young adults at risk teensin Israel
Unique wilderness program in Israel for troubled teens

11 ha'Oren st. POBox 127
Timrat, 36576 Israel

Tel: ++972-4-6545567
Toll Free: 1-888-866-5338
Fax: ++972-4-6545719


Walking your Choices -- Program for Troubled Teens in Israel

Darckenu Israel offers a 38-day wilderness program in Israel for troubled teens guiding them to overcome emotional hardships, social issues, substance abuse and typical teenage behavioral challenges. The program is simultaneously designed to lead parents to effective parenting. Participating families are normally ones experiencing severe interpersonal challenges and communication gaps.

The program emphasizes the Jewish - Israeli history and values as an example for amazing achievements despite of impossible and chanceless situations, conveying the messages "never give up"; "believe in yourself"; "you have more abilities than you think you have"; "you are worthwhile"Ö

The young adults who walk the Darckenu trail face a series of physical and emotional challenges throughout their journey, and are guided to success with our consistent instruction and presence.

We teach, comfort and motivate them to explore their inner strength and develop sufficient confidence in their abilities. In the process, we gently steer them to discover their own abilities to make valuable choices and reinforce their self image. Parents are categorically an integrated part of this process.

The fact that the program is conducted in Israel enables these messages to be introduced while walking in the Biblical surroundings where things actually happened.

Since all our staff and trail guides are patriotic Israelis, who served in the IDF and experienced difficulties, they are able to serve as a good role models and examples for the kids of people who have overcome difficulties and persevered.

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