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camp for kids with special needs

"Success Oriented Achievement Realized"

P.O. Box 388
Balsam, NC 28707

Tel: 828-456-3435
Fax: 828-456-3449


Adventure Programs for LD and AD/HD Youth

"Experience the Challenge"

Operating out of Balsam, NC and Dubois, WY, SOAR leads summer and semester expeditions throughout the Southeast, North Carolina, the Florida Keys, Wyoming, California, Illinois, and Costa Rica. Expeditions are approximately 2-8 weeks in length and are scheduled during the summer months. Semester length courses and weekend programs are available in the spring and fall through the Academy at SOAR.

Adventure activities include wilderness backpacking, rock climbing, whitewater rafting, wildlife studies, mountaineering, snorkeling, sea kayaking, SCUBA, llama treks, surfing, and horsepacking. Through these experiential learning activities, students discover and develop learning abilities and become more cognizant of their personal strengths and more willing to confront areas of weakness. We also offer a more traditional camp environment program on the campus of Brehm Preparatory school in Carbondale, IL.

Emphasis is placed on developing self confidence, social skills, problem solving techniques, a willingness to attempt new challenges and the motivation which comes through successful goal orientation.

Participants include young men and women ages 8-25 who are of average or above average intelligence and physical aptitude. Such an individual may be characterized as an underachiever in the traditional academic system and may have been identified as having a specific learning deficit or diagnosed with AD/HD. The only ability required of students is that they be able to enjoy the out-of-doors and be willing to challenge themselves. Youth who are diagnosed with emotional or behavioral handicaps or are demonstrating significant behavior problems are discouraged from applying.

Many SOAR participants take prescription medications. As SOAR is a wilderness program, student medication is secured by staff members and dispensed with great care. Medication logs are maintained and monitored closely by course supervisors.

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