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Camp Glucose

type 2 diabetic childrens camp

Work Hard, Make Friends, Get Strong

28457 N Ballard Drive Suite A2
Lake Forest, IL 60045

Fax: 847-367-3379


Fitness Fun in the Sun
for Kids with Type 2 Diabetes

Camp Glucose is a residential camp for boys and girls ages 8 to 18, as well as a day camp for children ages 4 to 18. We are located at Pepperdine University in California and Wake Forest University in North Carolina. We work with children who are overweight and have type 2 diabetes due to being overweight. Programs are tailored to meet specific age levels to ensure the best experience for the individual child. We are the only camp that is completely supervised by medical staff, the dedication that our staff shows towards our campers is apparent with the skills the children apply to their lives once they go home. It's important that your child wants to attend camp and not feel forced into it by Mom and Dad, everybody in the family has to have a positive attitude for this program to work. Camp Glucose in a nonprofit organization and because of this, we can keep our costs lower than any other fitness/diabetes camp and achieve incredible results.

Each child has a full assessment with our licensed and registered dietician, a full plan will be tailor made for each child to use during camp and when they return home. Our medical staff will develop a plan for physical activity based on the needs of your child. Group and individual counseling is available if needed and a behavior modification plan for each child to use in everyday life will be made. Each child will receive physical exams weekly by the MD staff, by doing this, the doctors will know what is working and what needs to be adjusted.

We do not starve children to get dramatic results, nor do we throw them head first into a strenuous workout routine. Each child will receive a well balanced diet and work their way gradually to incorporate physical activity into their lives. We firmly believe that our program will become part of a life style change for these children, they have to want to make a change for the better and we will teach them how to do this. We also work with parents to help them bring positive change home to the entire family.

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