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Banyan Tree Learning Center

childrens learning center San Diego

Building Foundations for Learning

3555 Kenyon St. #100
San Diego, CA 92126

Tel: 619-226-6171
Fax: 619-226-2411



Remediation of Learning and Attention Problems in San Diego, California

  • Assessment - Testing to determine inefficient processing and attention skills that impact reading and learning
  • Diagnosis - Identify the personal strengths and weaknesses that influence remediation choices and the development of an individualized program
  • Treatment - Proceed with the interventions that matches a persons learning needs and abilities
  • Success - Get results by strenthening underlying processing skills and building a strong foundation for learning!
Here are some of the methods and programs we employ to assess and enhance learning skills:
  • Diagnostic Assesment
  • Intervention for reading, writing, and math disabilities
  • Interactive Metronome
  • PACE (Processing and Cognitive Enhancement)
  • SAMONAS Sound Therapy and Advanced Sound Therapy
  • Fast ForWordTM
  • Occupational Therapy / Sensory Integration
  • Educational Therapy
  • Homework Club
  • Summit SAT Prep

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