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Susan Schapiro Nevins, M.S.
Shreya Hessler, Psy.D.
Educational Evaluations
and Ed-Psych Solutions

Dyslexia Assessment Towson Baltimore Maryland
Creating Academic Success

10946 Golden West Drive, Suite 130
Hunt Valley, MD 21031

2021-A Emerton Road
Suite 210
Bel Air, MD 21015

Tel: 410 773 9370


Educational Evaluations and Psycho-Educational Testing for Students in Maryland

This educational consulting practice serves children and adults, ages 4-21. If you or your child is having difficulty in school, you may wish to consider a private educational evaluation. Educational testing provides us with an understanding of a student's learning profile, which can be key to academic success.

Susan Schapiro Nevins, M.S., and Dr. Shreya Hessler, Psy.D. combine their unique specialties and over 30 years of experience, working with hundreds of students and their families in private and public school settings. They consult with students experiencing needs in phonological awareness, reading, spelling, math, written expression, ADHD, organization, executive function, mood disorders, and other school-related challenges. They work closely with a team of highly skilled professionals, including psychiatrists, behavioral health specialists, speech/language pathologists, occupational therapists, academic tutors, and advocates.

While much of Ms. Nevins' work has focused on dyslexia identification, treatment, and advocacy, she has a background well-suited for the unique challenges faced by "at risk" preschool children, as well as gifted & talented students. "Get Set To Read Consultations," affordable assessments designed for young learners, are also available. As a mother of three children, Ms. Nevins is able to guide parents and students through the educational testing process with sensitivity and compassion.

Shreya P. Hessler, Psy.D., is a licensed psychologist in Maryland. She conducts psychological assessments and provides psychotherapy to children, adolescents, young adults and families. In addition, she advocates for children with developmental disabilities in the community and in school settings. Dr. Hessler runs group therapy sessions for children with various behavioral, academic, and behavioral challenges so that peers can receive feedback and support from each other. In collaboration with Susan Schapiro, Dr. Hessler conducts assessments to diagnose and treat ADHD, Executive Dysfunction, Mood Disorders, and Learning Disabilities.

Educational Evaluations Include:

  • In-depth parent consultation session to obtain background information
  • One-on-one personal administration of a wide variey of measures to assess the student's academic skill levels
  • Thorough follow-up consultation with parents to explain all measures of assessment, a plan to reach maximum academic potential, and an indivualized scoresheet, complete with customized recommendations for academic and social and emotional skill bolstering, including suggestions for tutorial, speech/language, organzation/attention, and visual-motor strategies, when indicated

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