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American Boarding Schools. Which Boarding School is Right for Your Child?

If your community schools are not working well for your son or daughter, or your teen is at risk of becoming involved with drugs, alcohol, or a bad crowd, you are wise to consider a boarding school.

Here are some of the benefits available for all students who attend a boarding school:

  • Smaller class sizes allow for teachers to have more individual interaction with students
  • Since teachers and staff reside alongside students, students have the opportunity to learn outside the classroom during teachable moments as they occur naturally
  • A more regulated environment prevents more damaging outside influences to hurt your child
Wondering What Boarding School to Select? Best Choice Network is Here to Help You 24/7 ... without Cost or Obligation! We'll Help You Find the Boarding School that Fits Your Child's Needs and Your Budget. There is Never a Cost for Our Assistance.

We're an independent service specializing in assisting parents with finding the right boarding school. We charge the schools for our time, versus you, so there is no cost to you. We work with hundreds of schools, not just a few like many educational consultants do. Our goal is to find the absolutely best choice for your student. We have comprehensive knowledge of options for at-risk kids, including children with oppositional behaviors, substance abuse problems, learning difficulties, substance abuse, and other emotional/behavioral difficulties.

We will help you find the most suitable school, based on your income and your child's needs. We spend a great deal of our time on the road, visiting and evaluating programs. After conducting such visits and getting reports from parents, we have a good understanding of the strengths, options, and staff expertise of any school.

What works for one adolescent may not be appropriate for another. Each student and their family's situation is different. Teaching styles, religious affiliation, specialized services and the role of arts and athletics are elements that define each school. Getting it right can make the difference between a mediocre experience and a tremendously fulfilling one.

Do you know what factors should be considered when selecting a boarding school for your troubled teen? And how do you know if it is right for your child and family?

We can help you find the right school or program, the first time. We'll never pressure you to choose any particular school and our help never affects the tuition rate of any school or program that we recommend.

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