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White River Academy

boarding school for defiant teens

A Boarding School for Defiant Teen Boys

275 W 100 S
Delta, UT 84624

Tel:   1-866-679-8336
Fax: 435-864-3020

E-mail: justin@whiteriveracademy.com


 White River Academy: a Boarding School for Defiant Teen Boys

Welcome to White River Academy: A boarding school that incorporates a modern emotional growth design to effectively work with Troubled Teen boys ages 13-17. White River Academy focuses on lifestyle changes in the physical, mental, social, and emotional aspects of life. This is successfully accomplished while helping the students appreciate the validity of being responsible for their actions and accepting accountability for the consequences of those actions. Services offered are:

  • Academics - 6th through 12th grade. Accelerated Courses

  • Positive Peer Culture - The central position of Positive Peer Culture is that young people can develop self-worth, significance, dignity, and responsibility only as they become committed to the positive values of helping and caring for others. While this philosophy appears to be missing in many of today's education and treatment programs, the general concept has a rich place in history. Shakespeare observed that "It is one of the most beautiful compensations of this life that no man can sincerely help another without helping himself." Most major religions extol the virtue of service to others. An ancient Hindu proverb advises "Help thy brother's boat across, and lo, thine own has reached the shore." The Christian, Jewish, and Moslem faiths all stress the value of extending kindness to others, even if they are strangers. Positive Peer Culture Harry H. Vorrath Larry K. Brendtro

  • Emotional Growth and Self Esteem Building - daily audio and group sessions.

  • Life Skills - achievements, service projects, daily chores, laundry, cooking, cleaning, Spanish language and learning how to effectively take care of ones self.

  • Recreation Students participate in daily calisthenics and physical fitness along with a variety of sports.

For further information please view our website located at www.teenhelponline.com.

White River Academy also offers 60-90 day Wake Up Call programs.

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