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Tetra Academy

Where All Students are Honored
Tetra Academy special needs Colorado
3225 S. Wadsworth Blvd.
Unit G
Lakewood CO 80227

Tel: 303 730-7691
Fax: 720 974-0309


School for Children with Learning Disabilities and Different Learning Styles in Colorado
Serving Grades 1 - 12

Tetra Academy is appropriate for students who do not thrive in larger settings and/or whose main obstacle to learning stems from a learning disability and/or different learning style not adddressed in typical learning environments. Most often these students experience frustration and lowered self-esteem in regular classroom settings. At Tetra these students gain the opportunity to grow and flourish in a comfortable and relaxed educational setting.

Students who attend Tetra Academy will learn through an integration of specialized strategies designed to increase basic skills within a cohesive and cumulative curriculum. Tetra Academy is clearly a one of a kind school built upon a solid foundation of two decades of educational experiences. Tetra Academy has been state certified since 1985.

Students Experience Success through Tetra Academy Strategies:

  • 89% of students increase their skill levels by one or more grades in one 32 hour program.
  • Strategies address various learning disabilities and styles such as Dyslexia and ADD/ADHD.
  • Strategies relate thinking processes and organizational skills to learning.
Remediation, Developmental, and Enrichment Programs Available:

Tetra Academy provides the highest quality of individual instruction:

  • Programs are personalized and flexible.
  • Reading, writing, listening, and speaking experiences are explored and reinforced.
  • Students engage in one on one interaction with qualified and experienced instructors in a casual risk-free setting.

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