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NCPSE serves as an information resource for professionals and (potential) students in the fields of special education and related professions. As the only national information center of its type, the Clearinghouse gathers, develops, and disseminates information on recruitment, preservice preparation, employment opportunities, and attrition and retention issues. We also maintain the most current data on personnel supply and demand.

We disseminate a wide variety of materials including topical fact sheets, focused bibliographies, demographic and related statistical data, Clearinghouse articles, targetted information briefs, and state agency resource contacts.

Our experienced information specialists have resources to meet your information needs. They will respond to specific questions, provide free publications on focused professional topics, provide referrals to other organizations or associations that can provide additional information, send free brochures and posters to facilitate recruitment initiatives, locate university accreditation resources, and provide custom searches on selected topics.

Visit the NCPSE web site to learn more about our services.

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