State of Vermont I-Team Providing Intensive Special Education Supports
    The University Affiliated         Program of Vermont
    University of Vermont
    499C Waterman Building
    Burlington, VT 05405-0160

Tel: (802) 656-4031 (Voice/TDD)
Fax: (802) 656-1357

VISION: All children benefit from meaningful learning and quality life experiences.

MISSION: Our purpose is to assist local teams of families, educators, and other service providers in the delivery of quality educational services to students with intensive educational needs. Our mission is fulfilled by collaboration, technical assistance, training, family support, and administration and coordination.

I-TEAM Services Include:

On-site consultation
Family support services
Providing in-service training
Consultation to related service providers
Assistance with service delivery planning
Sharing of current literature
Information and referral
Teaching coursework
Transition planning
Ongoing assistance

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